Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Learning!

So, my vacation hasn't officially started yet.  I have the pleasure of participating in a great two week  workshop this summer. I am really excited about what we will be learning. It is called SEE Math and it is sponsored by a grant through the Tennessee Department of Education and Lipscomb University. It focuses on number sense, geometry, and problem solving. I am really excited because I know my students are going to benefit from my experience here. I plan to blog about some of the activities we do. I am excited to share what I learn with you!

The first day was great! We got an iPad to use with our students. I can't wait to download apps and put them to use. I know my students will really enjoy using it too.

What are some iPad apps you use in your classroom? I want to come up with a list so I can start downloading!


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