Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stop, Swap, and Post!

Hi Friends!!

Today I am linking up with Jungle Learners for Stop, Drop, and Roll!!  It’s a great link up that allowed us to exchange some wonderful products and use them in our classrooms.  I had so much fun linking up and using my partner’s product in my classroom.

My partner is the spectacular Michelle Webb over at Teaching Ideas for Those Who Love Teaching!  Her blog is super cute and has some great posts and her store has an amazing variety of products.   I chose her product Understanding Air and Water.  My kids love science so they were really excited when I told them what we would be learning about.  They were immediately fascinated because we have had lots of different types of weather lately and they were curious to know why.

Teaching Ideas For Those Who Love Teaching

We started out by talking about the different types of weather.  The kids really enjoyed discussing the different seasons.  They had to look at pictures and color and label the pictures according to the characteristics.  They enjoyed making each picture come to life with color.  

Next, we went on to talk about why weather changes.  The passages from the packet were filled with information!  My kids learned so much.  I really liked that each passage had comprehension questions.  It was easy for me to check for understanding using these. 

We finished up this packet by making weather scenes using cut outs.  Some kids chose pictures from the packet and glued them on their paper and created a weather scene.  The packet included a writing page for this activity which was awesome because it really allowed the students to describe what was happening in their story.  They loved this.  They were able to share their writings with their friends.  

                                                      We had sooo much fun!

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Please head over to Michelle’s blog and check out the product she picked out from my store, Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend. I've put my store on sale this week so you can check out some of my other stories as well.  There are a ton of other product swaps and giveaways.  You can check them all out below.  Enjoy!

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  1. This is a wonderful post, and I am so glad that your class enjoyed Understanding Air and Weather. I loved being your partner for this product swap! I discovered your awesome blog and store, and have already become a fan of your Journey's Supplemental packets. Thank you for being so great to work with.

  2. Great post! Your blog is very cute. This is my first time doing the swap, I am having so much fun discovering great products and tools for the classroom.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love teaching about air and weather. This looks like a great resource!
    Stories by Storie