Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Wishes Come True for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Today I am teaming up with Teaching in Tongass and some other awesome teachers to let you know about some great things you can find on TpT. 

There is  HUGE sale going on right now to show appreciation for all that you do.  We are linking up to tell you about some of the most wish listed items in our stores and give you a glimpse of what people have to say about them.
It's getting warm, and its time to explore outside. My #1 wish listed item this time of year is an activity packet called Butterfly Life Cycle.  It contains graphic organizers, interactive notebook pages  and much, much more. 

The second most wish listed item in my store right now is also a spring related product.  This packet accompanies the story From Seed to Plant.  It has tons of activities and interactive pages that your kids will love completing.  


The third most wish listed item right now are these Mother's Day activities.  It is a set of items that students can use to show their appreciation for their mom.  It has tons of interactive pages and writing, too. 

All of these items are on SALE right now so you can catch them at a great low price!  
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Be sure to check out Teaching in Tongass to learn about some other great  wish listed products!
Happy shopping!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Earth Day Fun with Oriental Trading

                                                                 Hi Friends!!
I want to share with you some fun things my students and I were able to do for Earth Day! I am always looking for hands on, engaging activities and crafts that my students will love. 
Since it is Spring, we have been talking a lot about plants and the environment.  Earth Day was a perfect opportunity to plant some things for our class and to talk about some things we can do to help our planet.  I remembered that I once ordered some low priced items from Oriental Trading in the past.  They have lots of items that come in sets and have enough for all the students in the class. I found the PERFECT crafts for planting and Earth Day the in Oriental Trading website! I contacted Oriental Trading and they sent me the products to use in the classroom.  This is a review of the products I used with the students.

First, we learned ways we could save the earth.  We discussed The Three R's which are reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We had these handy dandy Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Paper Craft Notebooks.  They were the perfect size.  The student took notes in them and wrote about things in the classroom that we could recycle. 

Our recycling spiral notebooks.

Next, we learned about the different types of materials to recycle.  We used our Learn to Recycle Activity Boxes.  The students loved these! There were six boxes that were labeled paper, aluminum, compost, plastic, glass, and cardboard.  The students had to sort the pictures into the correct box. The students recorded what they sorted in each box. The boxes were a nice size and didn't take up a ton of space.  The kids loved them because they could pick them up and travel to the table or the floor without a hassle.

We used the notebook to record the items we placed in the recycling boxes.

They loved having their personal notebook keepsake.

We have also been learning about plants and this was the perfect time to do some planting.  We used these flower pots that the kids could draw on.  The kids had a chance to decorate the pots and then plant sunflower seeds.  We got a little messy and had to move outside for this activity. And of course, they had to bring their notebooks (they wouldn’t put those things down!). The flower pots were awesome because they were small and didn't take up tons of space, the kids could draw pictures on them, and they were sturdy. 

We have also been learning about plants, so we planted sunflower seed in our.
The flower pots.
Sunflower seeds and flower pots.

Our last Earth Day activity was a celebration! We used the Earth Day Globe Craft and put our hand prints on them.  We had a lot of fun dipping hands in paint and being covered in green!  The best part about this was that everything came included in the package, even the paint!

Loved the green paint!
Our hand print pledge!

We pledged that we would do our best to help save the Earth!
We had a ton of fun using everything!  The students loved all of the activities!

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This review is based strictly on my opinion. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company to provide my honest review. No other type of compensation was received. All ideas and opinions are my own.