Thursday, June 11, 2015

NashBash Blogger Meetup

This past weekend we celebrated the end of the school year by having a blogger meetup! Nashbash was an awesome, fun-filled event where teachers got together, socialized, networked, and had some plain old fun!!

I teamed up with some AWESOME bloggers to help create this event. These guys were seriously AWESOME!! 

There were some great sponsors and some wonderful people who donated to our weekend. 
There were so many awesome prizes. Here are all of the people who helped make the weekend a success.  

We started the weekend off by attending the Nashville Sounds baseball game. They have a brand new stadium so it was so much fun to see everyone. The night was topped off by a great fireworks show. 

The next day we had a great lunch and networking session. We used a placed called Atamalogy, which is a really cool coffee and meeting spot near downtown Nashville.
There were tons of giveaways and lots of food.  I put a small treat with a freebie from my store into the bags as well.  We had a great time!

Afterwards we all headed to the mall and ate Chuy's. I ate lunch with Latoya, Cierra, and Annie. We had a great time learning more about each other. 

I was so tired after the mall! I slept really well that night.
the next day we all met up at the famous Monell's and enjoyed a wonderful southern breakfast. 

The weekend was amazing! Ok had such a fun time meeting everyone. Hop on over to some of the other bloggers and link up to see how they spent their time in Nashville.  

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  1. I love all your pictures Alexandria! It was so nice to meet you! Thank you for your hard work planning last weekend!

    Teaching is a Royal Adventure