Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Back to School Revamp!

It's back to school time and I am excited to show you this revamped product.  After attending the TpT Conference in Las Vegas I was inspired to go back and recreate some things that I can't believe I'd made!  

Back to school is one of my favorite times of the year.  New students, new families, and new goals.  Each year I try to give my kids something fun to do when they come in the first couple of days of school.  While they are working on it, it gives me time to take care of housekeeping things, talk to parents, and do anything else that happens to pop up during the first day! 

I designed this packet last year, and I revamped it this year.  Take a look at the before and after! I am so happy I took the time to redo this because I think the kids will really love it now!

                                         This is the before product.

                                                    This is the after product!!

            Visit my store to check it out!   I hope your students love it too!


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