Monday, December 29, 2014

Let's Stay on Track with Learning Reflections

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In continuing with Staying on Track with Learning, today I will be talking about Learning Reflections. Learning Reflections are another wonderful assessment piece to help students reflect on their learning and to help you analyze where students are within lessons or at the end of a unit.  This a great way to provide specific feedback to students based on the reflections they have provided.  It provides great insight to a student's level of understanding. 

With this strategy, students fill out reflections on lessons.  This can be done daily with exit tickets, and it can be done weekly, or at the end of a unit with the learning reflection.  These reflections are useful because they allow students to genuinely reflect on what they learned, what they didn't understand, and what other questions they may have. 

I usually use this at the end of a story in ELA, or at the end of a unit in math.  How do your students reflect on learning in your classroom?  If you haven't used learning logs, feel free to download this freebie to use with your students.  I would love to know about your experiences so make sure you leave a comment on how your students reflect on learning.

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