Monday, December 22, 2014

Let's Stay on Track with Exit Tickets

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I've decided to do some posts on staying on track.  It's so hard for our students to stay focused at times.  It is important that we hold them accountable.  I've found that if my students know they will be asked to explain, discuss, or write about a topic, it keeps them on track.

This week I want to focus on exit ticketsExit tickets are a great way to get feedback from students.  Exit tickets help assess student learning  and understanding of a topic.  With exit tickets you can either ask a question related to the task, or you can let students tell what they learned and what they need help with.  This is a great way to work on grouping your students according to strengths and weaknesses, too. 

I enjoy using exit tickets in my classroom.  Sometimes I attach them to the anecdotal notes I take on my students.  It helps me provide more specific feedback.  Most of all, my students love using exit tickets because they can express how they feel, they are private so your students feel safe with sharing, and they are just plain fun!  My students think having tickets is like having a special pass.

If you are using exit tickets I would love to know how you use them in your classroom.  If you haven't used them yet, give them a try!  You can get them in my TpT store.  Have fun using them in your classroom.

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